Start selling in Latam

A small guide to get you started with cross border trading.

Decide where and what to sell


In the registration process you will be able to choose the countries in which you want to offer your products. You should consider the available shipping options and the corresponding import processes for each one. When fulfilling by yourself it will be your responsibility to consider all the associated costs and including them in your sales price.

Product considerations

When you start selling in a new country, you’ll need to understand whether your product is appropriate and attractive. First, you need to check our Prohibited Products for each country. Also, you need to take into consideration product standards. Differences in voltage, standard measures, compatibility with different technologies, are some of the variables that need to be assessed before listing a product in a new market.

Product listings

Once you’ve created a seller account the next step is to create product listings. You will only need to add products once, and then you will be able to set up a different price for each marketplace. You may choose to do massive product upload with Flat File (csv) or integrate directly to our APIs. See documentation.

For each listing you will need to specify:

Exposure is highly related to title quality in Mercado Libre. Besides complying with the suggestion on how to structure it, it is highly recommended to have the local language title version. You can check with your account manager for our Title Translation program for a limited quantity of items. Nevertheless, you can always upload your listings in english language and they will be automatically translated to Spanish and Portuguese respectively.

Ship and fulfill
For shipping your products internationally you will have three alternative methods available:

Mercado Libre’s Partner carriers

We have agreements with DHL for US and MailAmericas for CN sellers.

Own shipping provider

You may use the shipping provider of your choice. Requirements include using a DDP service and providing tracking number for each sale.

Local fulfillment (only for Mexico)

Is the integrated service for Mercado Libre Mexico, by which we store, take care and send your products to the customers.

Our platform allows you to choose the most suitable option for each marketplace. Check availability from the country you are selling.
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Chinese sellers
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US sellers
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Rest of the world sellers
Manage your business

Local language customer support

Selling internationally also includes handling customer support. Our platform provides you with the tools for you to handle all processes in english, with integrated automated translations for pre and post sale questions and claims. However, having a customer support team that can handle the local language will help you provide a much better experience and improve your reputation.

Response Service Level

Customers will be expecting a quick and helpful response when they have questions about your products. To keep a good reputation you should have customer service specialists who know the products, the details of shipping methods, delivery times, and that can answer within a 24 hour range to customer inquiries.